Trivia Night

Trivia otherwise known as pub games are played on Tuesday nights starting at 7:00pm. It takes a team of two or more with knowledge of anything and everything. Being a genius in only one or two subjects won’t work for these games. Our games feature a live MC who is witty, crazy, and sometimes very obnoxious. The first task before the games begin is to choose your team name and as with any pub game, the crazier the better. The MC will introduce your team to the rest of your opponents and then the games begin. First you will be asked to answer ten questions that can come from any subject on or off the planet. Next we have a selection of physical games that the MC will choose from. Remember, these questions and games have been designed for the pub games experience and for your enjoyment. Another set of ten questions will be asked followed by one more round of physical games. The last round is another chance for us to test your team’s knowledge with ten more questions. At the end, your score sheets are tallied up to see which team is the master of pub games for the night. The winning team gets a $50.00 gift certificate to use on whatever they like at the pub. The games do not cost anything but your humility to play, as we will make fun of you during both the physical games and questions, especially if you come up with an off the wall answer. So muster up the craziest friends you can find and bring them with you for a night of pure fun. Be sure to find yourself at the pub early, as both seating inside and out fill up quickly due to everyone’s hunger for our food, spirits, and games.

Trivia Night

Happy Hour

Happy Hour starts at 2:00pm and lasts until 6:00pm Monday – Saturday

All mixed drinks, 140 plus beers, Scotches and anything else behind the bar is half price with the exception of doubles. We think this is the best happy hour in Lake Charles, so come and try those drinks that you have never had and some of the unique ones that only MacFarlane’s carries.